C program for naive string matching algorithm.

Posted by Mangesh on May 13, 2018

/* program for naive string matching. */

Description :

The idea of the naive solution is just to make a comparison character by character of the text T [ s...s + m − 1] for all s ∈ { 0 , . . . , n − m + 1 } and the pattern P [0 ...n − 1]. It returns all the valid shifts found. In fact, the time complexity of the Naive algorithm in its worst case is O ( M × N ). For example if the pattern to search is a n and the text is a m , then we need N operation of comparison by shift. For all the text, we need ( N − M + 1) × M operation, generally N is very small compared to M , it is why we can simply considered the complexity as O ( M × N ).

Program :

void main()
  char str1[20],str2[20];
  int m,n,i,j;

  printf("\nEnter text string : ");

  printf("Enter pattern to search : ");

  m = strlen(str1);
  n = strlen(str2);

     if(str1[i+j] != str2[j])
    if(j == n)
      printf("\n\n Pattern found at %d. ",i);

Output :

c program for naive string matching algo Executed and tested in Turbo C 3.2

Written with from Mangesh.

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