C program to compare two string.

Posted by Mangesh on April 11, 2018

/* c program to compare to two string. */

Description :

We shall first accept two string. Then check the length of both string if length is not equal we shall declare that string is not equal else we shall compare both string character by character. If all character are equal then both string is equal else both string is not equal.

Program :

void main()
  int i=0;
  char str1[20],str2[20];
  printf("Enter the first string : ");
  printf("Enter the second string : ");
  if(strlen(str1) == strlen(str2))
    while(str1[i] == str2[i] && i < strlen(str1))
  if(strlen(str1) == i)
    printf("both string are equal.");
    printf("both string are not equal.");

Output :

c program for strcmp Executed and tested in Turbo C 3.2

Written with from Mangesh.

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