C program to reverse the string.

Posted by Mangesh on April 01, 2018

/* Reverse a string. */

Description :

We will be given a string and we must reverse it.

Logic :

We shall replace the first character with the last character, second character with second last character, and so on. We shall continue this till floor(n/2).

Program :

void main()
  int i,length,loop;
  char string[100], temp;
  printf("Enter the String : ");
  length = strlen(string);
  loop = length/2;
  for (i=0;i<loop;i++)
    temp = string[i];
    string[i] = string[length-i-1];
    string[length-i-1] = temp;
  printf("\nThe reverse value of string is %s",string);

Output :

c program for reverse string Executed and tested in Turbo C 3.2

Written with from Mangesh.

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