C program to check whether the given string is palindrome or not.

Posted by Mangesh on March 14, 2018

/* check given string is palindrome or not. */

Description :

A string is a palindrome if the string is equal to its reversed, for example, "madam" is a palindrome as reverse of "madam" is "madam" whereas "program" is not a palindrome as its reverse is “margorp”. Some other examples of palindrome strings are "nitin", "mayalayam", "abcba".

Logic :

Instead of reversing the string and checking the result we will just check whether first letter is equal to last letter or not, second letter is equal to second last letter or not, and so on. If all n/2 check give result true then the string is palindrome else it is not.

Program :

int palindrome(char str[20])
   int i,length;
   length = strlen(str);
      if(str[i] != str[length-i-1])
          return 0;
   return 1;

void main()
   char str[20];
   int check=0;
   printf("Enter the word to check for palindrome:");
   check  = palindrome(str);
   if(check == 1)
      printf("%s is palindrome!",str);
     printf("%s is not palindrome!",str);

Output :

c program for palindrome` tested in turbo c 3.2

Skills Learned :

In-built function strlen().
If-Else statement.

Written with from Mangesh.

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