C program to reverse element in array.

Posted by Mangesh on March 14, 2018

/* C program to reverse element of array. */

Description :

Suppose we have an integer array containing data 12, 65, 54, 34, 71 at location 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 then we need to reverse the array such as 71, 34, 54, 65, 12 are at location 0, 1, 2, ,3 ,4 respestively.

Logic :

To get required result we need to transfer element at first location to last location, element at second location to second last location and so on. Therefore the loop should run for n/2 times only.

Program :

void main()
    int arr[20];
    int n,i,temp;
    printf("Enter total number of elements in array: ");
        printf("Enter element at %d : ",i);

    printf("\nReverse of array :\n");

Output :

array reverse c program output` tested in turbo c 3.2

Skills Learned :

Conditional operation
If-Else statements

Written with from Mangesh.

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